Bastille "Give Me The Future"

Bastille "Give Me The Future"



Sonically diverse and thematically adventurous, Bastille’s fourth album, Give Me The Future pushes the band into exciting new frontiers. The record serves as less of a judgement on modern life, more a reflection on where we are and perhaps where things could be, “I’m just observing the truly weird times we’re living in and having fun responding to it through these songs,” Dan says. “As the final track “Who Knows What the Future Holds… Don’t Matter If I Got You” says, this is happening, whether we like it or not. Finding happiness in the moment is surely the aim, whether it’s in the real or virtual world.”


Full tracklisting;


  • Distorted Light Beam

  • Thelma + Louise

  • No Bad Days

  • Brave New World (Interlude)

  • Back To The Future

  • Plug In…

  • Promises (by Riz Ahmed)

  • Shut Off The Lights

  • Stay Awake?

  • Give Me The Future

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Release Date: 4th February 2022