Disclosure "Energy"


“The title is everything,” Disclosure’s Guy Lawrence says of the fraternal duo’s exhilarating third album, ENERGY. “The thing that decided which songs made it and which songs didn’t was that one word: energy. Every track was written really quickly. That’s why we had to write so many songs because those ones don’t come up every day. Or every week. Or every month.”


This is a radical departure for Disclosure. For their first two albums, Settle (2013) and Caracal (2015), Guy and Howard Lawrence recorded only as many tracks as they needed, but ENERGY evolved out of an epic process of creation and distillation. The path to their shortest, most direct album -11 songs, 39 minutes - ran through around 200 tracks: everything from drum loops to fully realised songs.


“The idea came from seeing how Sam Smith works,” says Howard. “We thought, why don’t we do that? That’s a great idea! We didn’t see the really painful part, which is having to cut songs out.”


“But that’s what makes a good record,” says Guy. “How brutal can you be? How much time do you need to get your point across? All of the songs that didn’t make the album led us to the right songs.”


ENERGY Tracklisting:


  • Watch Your Step

  • Lavender

  • My High

  • Who Knew?

  • Douha (Mali Mali)

  • Fractal (Interlude)

  • Ce n’est pas


  • Thinking ‘Bout You (Interlude)

  • Birthday

  • Reverie



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Release Date:  Friday 28th August 2020



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