Lake Street Dive "Obviously"

Lake Street Dive "Obviously"



Obviously is the new album from beloved band Lake Street Dive.  It includes the new single ‘Nobody’s Stopping You Now’, a letter of encouragement from lead vocalist Rachael Price to her teenaged self, co-written with bassist Bridget Kearney.  Lake Street Dive has figured out how to write tunes that reflect this particularly turbulent chapter in our shared history.  The album track ‘Making Do’, which was released at the end of last year, speaks to the world that future generations are inheriting while exploring the lasting impacts of climate change and our responsibility to address it (featuring a cameo from Senator Ed Markey who co-sponsored the Green New Deal).




Hush Money                        

Same Old News                                 

Being a Woman                  

Making Do                           

Nobody's Stopping You Now

Know That I Know

Lackluster Lover 


Feels Like the Last Time   



Formats Available: 


White Vinyl LP - Shop Price £19.99



Release Date: Friday 12th March 2021