Michael Schenker Group "Immortal"

Michael Schenker Group "Immortal"



Right in time for his 40th anniversary as a solo artist and his 50th birthday as a musician, he resurrects the immortal Michael Schenker Group. 'Immortal' is also the name of his album, recorded by likely the strongest line-up in his long history. Its a lightning bolt of an album that sounds fresh, bloodthirsty and agile. 'Immortal' showcases the gargantuan vocal talents of Chilean hard rock prodigy Ronnie Romero (Rainbow), backed by singers Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Joe Lynn Turner (ex-Deep Purple) as well as Schenker's brother in arms, Michael Voss (Mad Max) who again produced the record alongside Michael Schenker - flawlessly, punchy and at full steam as if their very lives depended on it.


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Release Date: Friday 29th January 2021