"Mortal Kombat" OST

"Mortal Kombat" OST

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In honor of the 25th anniversary of the landmark Paul Anderson film adaptation, the original score to Mortal Kombat is getting a special picture disc LP. This special Record Store Day release marks the first time that the score has gotten a physical release since its original distribution on CD.


We all know the synth-heavy theme song that begs for a bellowing of the title, but the score as a whole is pulse-pounding and exciting. Curated by George Clinton, who was flanked by virtuoso guitarist Buckethead, the score is widely regarded as one of the most beloved in film history, even if the PG-13 film lacks the Fatalities that made its gaming source material the monster that it would become.


The Record Store Day picture disc features the iconic Mortal Kombat dragon logo on side A, with the Shokan prince Goro gracing side B. The track listing for the release is as follows:



1. Taste of Things to Come

2. Liu Vs. Sub-Zero

3. It Has Begun

4. The Garden featuring Buckethead

5. Goro Vs. Art featuring Buckethead

6. Banquet

7. Liu Vs. Kitana

8. Liu's Dream featuring Buckethead

9. Liu Vs. Reptile featuring Buckethead

10. Stairway

11. Goro Goro

12. Kidnapped

13. Zooom

14. Johnny Vs. Scorpion featuring Buckethead



1. Hand and Shadow featuring Buckethead

2. Scorpion and Sub-Zero featuring Buckethead

3. Soul Snatchin'

4. On the Beach

5. Johnny Cage featuring Buckethead

6. Goro Chase featuring Buckethead

7. Evening Bells

8. Monks

9. Friends

10. Flawless Victory featuring Buckethead

11. Farewell

12. Kids


Release Date: 26th September 2020