Patawawa "Power-Up"

Patawawa "Power-Up"



Hailing from Matlock in Derbyshire are NuDisco and funk purveyors, Patawawa who are back.

Patawawa are acclaimed for their fun-filled sound which merges disco, funk and pop. Their latest offering, ‘Disco Video’ is undoubtedly the pick-me-up disco-ball ray of light we all needed to end 2020 with. Taken from their forthcoming album ‘Power Up’, which is due for release on 5 March 2021, 

Born and bred in the quiet, sleepy Derbyshire town of Matlock, Patawawa are a contemporary concoction of the sparkling synths and glittered guitar riffs popularised by Pet Shop Boys and Prince. Charismatic and cathartic in equal measure, Patawawa have stormed the indie DIY scene since their arrival in 2015 with their blood-pumping beats and biting bass lines.



1) Title Screen
2) Galaxy Caramel
3) Just Not With You
4) Content
5) Quest
6) Forget About It
7) Disco Video
8) Harmonics
9) Adadadadeya
10) Side Mission
11) Red And White
12) So Late
13) Holmesfield Close
14) Victory Tap
15) Final Boss / Victory Lap


Formats Available

Ltd Edition Gold Vinyl LP Shop Price £20.99, online sale price £12.59



Release Date: Friday 26th March 2021