Sault "Air"

Sault "Air"



Read what the Guardian have to say about the new Sault album "Air" in their 5 Star review:


"Unabashedly widescreen and cinematic, Air’s gracefully expressive symphonies and bold use of the choir-as-instrument suggest classic scores by Herrmann and Morricone, its dramas writ larger-than-life. Elements of minimalism and contemporary classical surface, as do African and eastern influences – in particular, the electric interplay between orchestra, chants and strummed and plucked stringed instruments on Luos Higher. More pointedly, Air harks back to a certain visionary era of Black music".



Tracklist: 1 - Reality 2 - Air 3 - Heart 4 - Solar 5 - Time is Precious 6 - June 55 7 - Luos Higher





Formats Available:


CD - Shop Price £14.99, pre-order for just £13.49

Black Vinyl - Shop Price £32.99, pre-order for just £29.69



Release Date: September 2022