Songs For Walter "An Endless Summer Daze"

Songs For Walter "An Endless Summer Daze"


Tallbird's first album release in collaboration with Manchester-based musician Laurie Hulme aka Songs For Walter


Louder Than War review:

"An Endless Summer Daze is the perfect follow up to his 2015 debut – and though it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, what it does do is cement Hulme as not just a Manchester darling, but one of the most refreshing singer-songwriters in the UK at the moment. By taking elements of classic songwriters like Elliot Smith, fusing them together with a typically Northern outlook Hulme consistently crafts something that manages to feel both timely and timeless, while shedding any assumed simplicity with each repeat listen. A fantastic and welcome return".



Squaring Circles
The Battle Of Bexley Square
An Endless Summer Daze
A New Beginning
I Don't Know Who You Are
Your Shoes


CD - £6.99

Vinyl LP - £9.99