Squid "Bright Green Field"

Squid "Bright Green Field"



Squid are thrilled to announce their debut album , Bright Green Field, already one of 2021’s most highly anticipated albums. Bright Green Field, produced by Dan Carey, will be released 7th May via Warp Records. It's an album of towering scope and ambition, it is deeply considered, paced and intricately constructed. With all band members playing such a vital and equal role, this album is very much the product of five heads operating as one.





A1. Resolution Square

A2. G.S.K.

A3. Narrator ft. Martha Skye Murphy

B1. Boy Racers

B2. Paddling

B3. Documentary Filmmaker

C1. 2010

C2. The Flyover

C3. Peel St.

D1. Global Groove

D2. Pamphlets


Formats Available: 


Standard CD - Shop Price £10.99

Green Limited Edition 2LP - Shop Price £21.99



Release Date: Friday 7th May 2021