Torn Sail "Leisure And Technology"

Torn Sail "Leisure And Technology"



A Tallbird Records release in conjunction with  Cwm Saerbren 


Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with TORN SAIL, or even the name HUW COSTIN. You’re not the only one, more’s the pity, though he’s been quietly releasing records now for almost two full decades in a variety of guises,not to mention as a featured artist. Nonetheless, COSTIN  (who grew up in Cardiff, only to flee to Leicestershire upon his parents’ divorce, before eventually settling in Nottingham) numbers among his fans and collaborators Mark Lanegan (who guested on TORN SAIL’s 2017 debut album, This Short Sweet Life), veteran English singer-songwriter Michael Chapman (who appears on LEISURE & TECHNOLOGY’s ‘Green Nature’), cult downtempo act Smith & Mudd (for whom COSTIN has provided vocals a number of times), and Richard Warren aka Echoboy.


LEISURE & TECHNOLOGY itself, meanwhile, features contributions from Doggen Foster, who plays with Spiritualized and Julian Cope, and Jonny Aitken, drummer onSpiritualized’s Amazing Grace. People have been listening, in other words, even if you haven’t. Yet.





Blue Fog / Orange Light (3.37)

Windowless (7.52)

Scared Of My Heart (2.33)

Sadness All Over (5.45)



Green Nature (Featuring Michael Chapman) (4.57)

Bible (2.48)

Blood Drain Away (Featuring Dean Geary) (7.42)

A Beautiful Life (3.34)


Shop price CD £9.99 

Shop price LP £16.99


Release Date: Friday 21st August 2020