Ty Segall "Hello, Hi"

Ty Segall "Hello, Hi"



Tossing down straight acoustic shots with electric guitar back, Hello, Hi rides through the valley of yer ol' Canyon legends, finding an isolated place to unspool Ty's copious reserves of nervous energy beneath an open sky. Swarms of harmony vocals caper among the clouds, but there's a rider on the horizon behind, with crossbow trained on his very own heart - the engine driving all the relationships of life, whether down Broadway or over the cliffs at night! Whatever doesn't get killed is getting stronger all the time. A lean, mean deal, baked in saltwater and sunlight, compassion pouring out it's beautiful blue eyes.


Track listing:

Good Morning



Hello, Hi


Looking at You

Don't Lie

Saturday Pt.1

Saturday Pt.2


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Release Date: 22nd July 2022