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Here is the full list of titles we have ordered for Record Store Day Saturday 22nd April 2023


This list is subject to changes and cancellations right up to the day so before you set out to the shop please check the list to make sure we still have the title(s) you are hoping to purchase.


As always, it's first come, first served on the day.  You can buy as many different titles as you want but only one copy of each.  I cannot reserve titles and I cannot order in any titles for you that are not on this list until after the day (and then I cannot guarantee that I will be able to get them as all titles are strictly limited). 


Doors open at 8am, but please be aware the queueing usually starts the night before!


Most titles are only available in very small quantities so the earlier you can bear to join the queue to avoid disappointment the better... 


All RSD Stock will be held behind the counter and it helps us to process the queue quickly if you have a list ready of the titles you want.  We will only have a limited number of lists to hand out on the day but you can print out the list below to bring with you, marked with the title(s) you are after.  


You are welcome to stay and browse the rest of our range after you have been served, or come back later in the day when the queue has died down - all remaining RSD stock is usually out on the shop floor by about midday.  


We will also be open on Sunday 23rd April from 10am in case you aren't able to make it in on Saturday.


Wishing you a very Happy RSD23 and hope you manage to bag all the records on your list! 

CLick Here for Printable Version- Then Click File and then Print 

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