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Our Product Range:

Our Product Range:

New vinyl & CDs – being a small shop we have to be selective about what we stock and how much of each title we buy.  Generally, we aim to always have the cream of each week’s new rock, pop, indie and specialist   titles, plus selected reissues on vinyl that have hitherto been difficult to find second-hand.

 I like to think we have a pretty good idea now about what our customers hope to find in the “new” section but also like to include some interesting surprises for discovery too.  If we haven’t got it in stock we will do our best to order it in for you. 

Second-hand: Our second-hand stock covers the following genres


  • Rock & Pop
  • Prog Rock
  • Heavy Rock / Metal
  • Punk / New Wave
  • Electronic / Synth
  • Alternative / Indie
    - Soundtracks
  • Folk & Country
  • Rock & Roll
  • Blues
  • Jazz
  • Easy Listening
  • Reggae & World
  • Soul / Funk / Disco
  • Dance / House
  • Hip – Hop


Formats stocked include LPs, 7” & 12”singles, and CDs.


The only genre we don’t cover at all is classical music – we just don’t

have enough space to do it justice!


As well as vinyl and CDs we also sell a range of turntables, speakers

and record players, audio accessories and cleaning products, books,

prints badges and other gift items.


If you're stuck for present ideas then we also do Tallbird Gift Vouchers

in any amount from £1 to £999!

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