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Interested in selling your records to Tallbird ?

We are always interested in looking at good quality collections of records (singles and albums), as well as CDs.  We are particularly looking for the following artists & genres:


  • Classic  acts such as Elvis, the Beatles, the Stones, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, the Who, Pink Floyd, Sex Pistols, Nirvana, Joy Division, The Smiths, Stone Roses, Oasis, etc

  • 50s Rock n’ Roll

  • 60s & 70s Rock & Pop

  • Heavy Metal & Prog Rock

  • Psychedelic & Electronic

  • 70s & 80s Punk / New Wave / Alternative

  • 90s Grunge & Britpop

  • Jazz & Blues

  • Folk

  • Horror & Science Fiction Film Soundtracks

  • Soul & Funk

  • Northern Soul

  • Hip-Hop, Rap & Dance (albums only)

  • Picture Discs, Limited Editions, Colour vinyl, box sets etc.


Generally speaking (and with a few exceptions) we’re not looking for:


  • Easy listening (James Last, Klaus Wunderlich, Manotvani, etc)

  • Big Band

  • Classical

  • Country & Western

  • Soundtracks

  • 80s Pop

  • TV advertised compilation albums

  • Readers Digest Box Sets

  • 78s


A Word About Condition:


As a rule we don’t buy records that are heavily scratched, or with missing or torn sleeves.  The better the condition of the record, the more we are willing to pay for it.


The Next Step:


If you think you have records and CDs that would be of interest to us please either e-mail or drop off a list of the kind of collection you have (doesn’t have to include everything but enough to give us an idea).  If you don’t hear back from us then it’s safe to assume that we’re not interested in buying your collection this time but we will keep your list on file for future reference.


You’re welcome to drop by with your records but please phone us

first to check that we are currently buying and have the space

to take your records in.  Also, please be aware we are usually

unable to give you an instant appraisal so you will need to leave

your recordswith us for a few hours / days to give us time to go

through them.


Once we have been through your records and checked condition

we will work out a price to offer you which is - (for cash) generally

around one-third of the price we intend to sell at or (for credit)

around one half of the selling price.Please let us know in advance

whether you are looking for cash or credit.


Finally, please be reassured that you are under no obligation to sell us your records if you are not happy with our offer or if you change your mind, but that similarly we are under no obligation to buy your records if we decide that they are not for us, or if we have already spent our buying budget for the month.




Contact Us At:


Tallbird Records, 10 Soresby Street, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S40 1JN

Tel: 01246 234548 / 07906 505185



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